Large Mixing Bowl


I've fallen in love!  Designed for utility and exuding handmade beauty, each mixing bowl in speckled stoneware with a creamy white matte glaze was built with the baker in mind.  Extra tall side walls keep your butter, flour and sugar from splashing over the sides and a hand pinched spout allows you to pour your confection directly in the pan. The rough textured surface left by adding slip and adhering the pieces is unparalleled, think Italian stucco wall surfaces. It's rich, it's varied, it's tactile. It's everything you want hand made ceramics to be. You can feel life in these surfaces. Sturdy and beautiful, each bowl is an individual work of art. 

Approximate Dimensions:

Large Bowl: 6" Tall x 11.5 Diameter 

Made to order, please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. For rush orders, contact us directly with your request.

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