In 2013, I was a single mom with a full-time job sneaking away to make ceramics in my garage at night.

After I made dinner for my family I would make prototypes for the pieces that would eventually become the functional, durable dinnerware sets that Tagliaferro is known for. It was a fun and crazy experimental process that led me to the launch of my business.

And I will say, it was the ultimate leap of faith.

Now, I am connecting with individuals, storefronts and restaurants across the globe who are passionate about the same thing as I am: Everyday objects made with care and consideration for those who use them!

The shapes and colors I use in my work are organic and inspired by the natural world. When I moved to Oregon in 2013 after spending much of my life on the East coast, I reveled in the glory of the environment here. Tagliaferro Ceramics is a culmination of the places I have lived, the things that have inspired me and the wonderful people I have connected with over the course of my life. It is more than a business. It is a dream. And it’s part of my larger mission of spreading love throughout the world and bringing people together. When I’m designing something, I use natural textures and fabrics from my childhood. Form is really important to me- but it is also important that an object is designed for everyday use. Our dinnerware is handbuilt from natural stoneware clay and it is oven, microwave and dishwasher-safe. I use only nontoxic and food-safe glazes from companies I trust. I offer a lifetime guarantee on our dinnerware.

I live in the mountains of Talent, Oregon with my partner Mark, our kids, and of course, our loyal shop dog Maxine. Outside the reach of internet access and far from town, my ceramics studio is nestled in the forest outside our home in a converted red barn with a cozy fireplace and no running water. Every morning, rain or shine, I gather buckets of water from the natural stream on our property to use in my studio. My partner Mark is the owner and lead designer at Green Mountain Woodworks. He utilizes smaller cuts of large-scale wood projects  to create the beloved charcuterie and cutting boards sold in our Ashland boutique. Tagliaferro is truly a family endeavor and a labor of love!

While I relish designing new things in my peaceful mountain workspace, I make constant trips to our Tagliaferro boutique & showroom, about 6 miles away in downtown Ashland Oregon. Our boutique is a reflection of what’s currently happening at the studio: every week we gather all the new ceramic pieces, a collection of foliage from our property and new cutting boards from Mark’s shop and restock our storefront. It is never boring and we are always working on something new!

I believe each meal is an opportunity to embrace gratitude and serve LOVE. Each piece you have in your home has been held and considered by me as a functional piece of art you can use every day. I love beautiful things, but I am most enamored by objects that have been created for everyday use by families, just like mine.