"There are many goals, but one path- the path of compassion."
                                                    -Amit Ray

Growing up in a family with mental health and addiction challenges, I sawa that both stigma and a lack of resources prevented my loved ones from reaching out and getting the help they needed.

I believe that being vulnerable about mental health and addiction challenges can create a positive effect in individuals and families.  I believe that when one person speaks their truth and decides to break the cycle, they set a chain odf positive changes in motion, creating a domino effect healing, resilience and the opportunity for a better future.

I created the Serve Love campaign to acknowledge our commitment to spreading love, compassion and understanding for one another. 

Each month, we will be introducing a Limited Edition Collectable Platter, numbered and signed by the artist.   10% of each platter sale will go directly to an organization that supports the Serve Love mission.  We choose the Platter as a symbol of abundance and the ability to share when you have more than enough for yourself.

This year, we are donating the proceeds to The ARC (Addictions Recovery Center) in Medford, OR because we support thier wholistic and comprehensive efforts.  In the future, we will grow our support financially beyond our community as our business grows. We will annually seek out organizations that support mental health and addictions recovery and support organizations that assist families impacted by these struggles.  

We welcome you to join us in our efforts to Serve Love!